Winter in New England.

Our Cardinal friend makes it a point to come by and visit the studio to say hello!

Some new Festive Trees are getting the finishing touches in the workshop; just in time to decorate as a harbinger of Spring. Handpainted wooden eggs or hollowed out natural eggs hung from the branches of trees is a folk tradition originating in Germany and Austria.


Festive Tree, is small innovative design company out of New Hampshire that provides what has been lacking when it comes to holiday decorating: choice. A hybrid of sustainability and nature: these trees are the real deal. Crafted from genuine wood, these highly original, modern designs usher in a new age of celebratory symbols that provide an alternative to the tired, routine holiday decorating habits of old.

More and more folks are looking for a way to escape the commercialism and waste of Christmas with something simpler and more sustainable. Supporting an industry that cuts down beautiful evergreen trees, trucks them hundreds – even thousands – of miles to serve as propped up fire hazards in overheated homes for a mere three weeks is just not appealing. And, buying a petroleum based artificial tree made in China with lead based hazards, such as polyvinyl chloride and other suspicious chemicals, is just not a desirable option.

Our company believes that people want something different when it comes to Christmas trees. So, we have created a new kind of tree – one that is enviromentally friendly, reusable, and versatile. A FestiveTree can be decorated in diverse ways that reflects your own style, values and personality. Rooted in artistic and environmental integrity, FestiveTree honors the holiday season in a way that accommodates a variety of religious and cultural traditions – whether Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Humanity in general.

A Festive Tree is a great, eco-alternative to traditional trees. Larger than typical table top trees, a Festive Tree can serve as your primary holiday tree, allowing you to showcase all your great ornaments and decorations. The simple, natural design of a Festive Tree works well in any setting and is ideal for primary homes, apartments, condos, and second homes, in the mountains or the beach.

We hope you will bring a Festive Tree into your home to enjoy year after year. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to see you again!

"Simplicity is the nature of great souls." ~ Vittal Rao