norwegianThis graceful tree will bring a sense of gratitude into your home. Every Christmas, the Norwegian capital city, Oslo, provides the cities of New York, London, Edinburgh and Washington D.C. with a Norway spruce, as a gesture of appreciation for the aid these countries gave during the Second World War. Our version is made of quality hardwood, crafted to reflect this iconic Christmas tree shape. A virtuous, natural symbol of beauty, sure to enhance your home or seasonal get-a-way. Approximately 4 feet in height, the Norwegian is easy to set up and dismantle year after year.

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World Traditions

In 12th century Russia, the eastern Slavs worshiped the winter mother goddess, Rozhnitsa, offering sacrifices such as honey, bread and cheese. Bright colored winter embroideries depicting the antlered goddess were made to honor the Feast of Rozhanitsa in late December. And white, deer-shaped cookies were given as lucky gifts. Some Russian women continued the observation of these traditions into the 20th century.