people treePlato once said that man is a being in search of meaning. This proud tree honors humanity's unified quest and thus is called the People's Tree. Carved from a sturdy hardwood found in the northern temperate zones, it is designed to capture a sense of motion in nature. Indeed, the artful shape of the boughs resembles the wings of winter birds in flight. This stunning tree emanates a peaceful, meditative energy that will resonate throughout your home. This statuesque design is approximately four feet in height and is easy to store and reassemble each holiday season.


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World Traditions

In Sweden, Lucia or Lussi Night happens on December 13, what was supposed to be the longest night of the year. The feast was later appropriated by the Catholic Church in the 16th century as St. Lucy's Day. It was believed in some folklore of Sweden that if people, particularly children, did not carry out their chores, the female demon the Lussi or Lucia die dunkle would come to punish them.